The Seeker major update

The Headline Update

Finally. The day has arrived.

After so many months of rethinking, numerous ideas, testing, bugfixing and whatnot the update is here.

Is it perfect? No it isn't. I actually expect bunch of bugs as I never got a proper chance to test fully the new features, the maps especially. Regarding the UI everything should be working fine but as well I am aware that there can be bugs as well.

To highlight many of the changes I've written yet again, a nice change log. Enjoy and thank you all for the support you've given me over the time. It is really a blast making the game for you all, and if any of you have suggestions or just a simple question feel free to ask me on steam or mail!

Expect the next update to include new achievements, bug fixes and some cool new stuff like gadgets, and in a bit longer run new maps and finally a proper story.

For now the first 3 maps are available at the start to prevent non-progress due to the new maps. Also the maps that have been prior to the update are not combined with the story just yet so they are mostly the same expect a few balance fixes and issues.

Update SDK for Unity 5.6:

The new SDK for making skins can be downloaded via dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2sor3qqwnjcrxt/Steam_Workshop_SDK.zip?dl=0