Puzzle | Action | Stealth

Welcome to the Seeker! Run, hide and hack in this indie top-down game that gives a whole new meaning to the word "random!" Explore a virtually infinite number of levels as you avoid dangerous turrets, enemies and alarms. Find the exit to destroy the AI and avenge all of humanity!

The Seeker is an action/stealth game, where you are in the role of the little drone that was accidentally activated by the debris that hit the EPC-221.It all began after the Great Galactic war when people had to leave earth, however instead of living peacefully, they destroyed themselves to ashes by their greed for power.
Now you, as The Seeker, woken up, ready to find the cause of all of the GGW


Downloads and Extra | 13.7.2017


SDK Package for making skins
Currently Compatiable for Unity 5.6.2F1 and 0.8v

Version: 1.0v

Asset Compiler Doc

Documentation for the Asset compiler

Version: 0.4v

Asset Builder Doc

Documentation for the Asset builder

Version: 0.315v